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Integrated multi-purpose knowledge systems

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Single Source of Knowledge

Knowledge Retention

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Federated Organizations

Business Continuity

Employee Handbooks

ISO 9001 / 20000 / 27001

ISO 30401

Business Protocols

Learning & Development

Change Management

Product Training

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SME Knowledge Transfers

Service Training

Equipment Manuals

Lean / Kaizen

Company Glossary

Customer Service/Support

Lessons-learned, Best Practices


Project Documentation

Remote/Hybrid eLearning

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IQxCloud ignites user engagement

Intelligent Third-Wave Systems Approach

Features and Benefits include

FREE Introductory Webinars

Learn the basics of knowledge management and how to effectively use IQxCloud to harvest, manage, leverage, and share organizational knowledge across the enterprise

Certified Knowledge Modeling Courses


Invest in yourself.  IQStrategix' Certified Cognitive Knowledge Modeling courses provide practical hands-on experience that builds rewarding careers.  Gain the insights, knowledge, understanding, and skills that today's organization's need and want.  As a CKO,  CHRO, CLO, KM, L&D, Lean, QMS practitioner, or operations person, IQStrategix' hands-on knowledge courses are designed to deliver new concepts, methodologies, and practical knowledge solutions that are designed to increase your professional standing and career opportunities.