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PLEASE NOTE: IQStrategix' IQxCloud knowledge technology is currently only available for beta site customers in St. Clair County, Michigan.  This exciting technology has been well-received by local companies for its user-friendliness, knowledge transfer efficiency and effectiveness.  The IQxCloud "Center Concept Row" configuration has been soundly applauded as a revolutionary approach to end-to-end task and process knowledge transfers.  Let's talk about how IQxCloud operates with and within your existing IT infrastructure. 

Product Decision Criteria

Title ProfessionalBusinessEnterprise
API Integrations 0 Dev/Ops 2 Dev/Ops 10 Dev/Ops
Non-Dev/Ops users


50 Interactive

100 Interactive

Price $360.00 annually $14,700.00 annually $28,520.00 annually
About additional users


Call for quote

Call for quote

Content storage

10 GB

1 TB

5 TB

Knowledge Layers (included) 1 2 3
Included ModulesAdminister, Analytics, Charts, Learn, Manager, Organization, Profile, UserAdminister, Analytics, Charts, Learn, Manager, Organization, Profile, UserAdminister, Analytics, Charts, Learn, Manager, Organization, Profile, User
Certified Knowledge Specialist Courses includedWebinars Worth DiscussingWebinars Worth DiscussingWebinars Worth Discussing
Design for use by Non-programmers
Supports 3rd Party App integrations
Supports Rapid Domain Uploads
Emergent Concept Architecture
Enables Concept Modeling
Enables Thought Schema Modeling
Enables Rational Reasoning
Enables topic, task, & process modeling
Supports relevant attachments
Supports multiple Knowledge Layers
Supports use of SME Templates
Supports Directed & Self-paced Learning
Highend & HIPAA Security
Quick Start Step-by-Step Guide
Certified Knowledge Specialist Courses

Connect the dots

If you can think it - and its practical - IQxCloud can most likely model it.  Words and phrases are modeled as concepts.  KM practitioners use them to model the how-to, why, and what-if cognitive intelligence that underlies every organizational function.  If you like technology and understand organizational processes, IQxCloud is for you.

Cost/Performance - Rapid ROI

The KM Partner Program

Knowledge Managers think in terms of knowledge systems.  Where does it exist, how does it flow through an organization, how well does it support operational goals and objectives?  KM is both art and science.  The art is understanding the depth and breadth of knowledge systems, and the science is knowing how to apply knowledge  principles to impact employee, partner, and supplier performance and profitability.  This may include training and development, but it also includes the implementation of a proven knowledge infrastructure.  Without a technical knowledge infrastructure, we all know that previous work is destine to degenerate and fail.