The IQStrategix' team mission is to develop and deliver the world’s most advanced concept-driven cognitive technology to drive the global knowledge economy

IQStrategix, Inc. is a cognitive computing software engineering company.   The company’s flagship Knowledge Management service is called IQxCloud.  IQxCloud is designed to represent the cognitive intelligence that underlies organizational structures and business operations, and communicate that knowledge in graphical, concept-driven flows that enables users to quickly grasp and understand the knowledge presented.  IQxCloud mimics the way the human brain reasons rationally and logically, making the technology an effective knowledge transfer medium related to most any knowledge domain, across most any industry.  IQxCloud is an evidenced-based technology that reflects neural-science, clinical psychology, and universally accepted educational practices the world over.


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A Brief History Behiind IQStrategix, Inc.

The Co-Founder Team

Driven by vision, an ambitious development mission, and practical business principles.