The IQStrategix' team mission is to develop and deliver the world’s most advanced cognitive technology to drive the global knowledge economy

Based on a Empirical Knowledge Science



IQStrategix, Inc. is a B2B cognitive knowledge software engineering company.   The company’s flagship service is called IQxCloud.  IQxCloud is designed to represent the underlying cognitive intelligence that enables organizations to function, and their teams to do their jobs.  This includes the proprietary structures, strategies, policies, procedures, tasks and process that distinguish each company from every other company.  IQxCloud mimics the way the human brain reasons, surfacing concepts and ontological threads along with relevant resources such as documents, audio and video clips, maps, presentations, and other content that are retrieved within an organization's Intranet, or remotely from across the Internet.  New and experienced users find IQxCloud easy to use because knowledge content is organized around universal patterns-of-thought that are presented in textual and graphical flows that people can naturally understand and use.  Knowledge content is effortless to find and easy understand and apply.  


Bloom's Taxon 800

A Brief History Behind IQStrategix, Inc.

The Co-Founder Team

Note:  This management team is now retired.  The domain names and portal are for sale on, or by contacting [email protected]