What you know is important.  The KM Partner Program provides another means for you to share the knowledge and lessons-learned insights you have gained over your career.   Actualize effective KM services with IQxCloud.

KM Partner Program Approach

People learn faster and comprehend more when knowledge content is delivered along rational reasoning paths which is presented in discrete chunks that can be easily understood and applied.  It doesn't hurt to include descriptions, instructions, examples, and relevant documents, graphics, audio, and concise video clips either.  Share your real-world knowledge, experiences, and insights.  Leverage what you know.   Or, if you are new to KM, get a sound footing for your new career.  Your future is here.

IQStrategix IQxTemplates

More coming soon

This new IQStrategix KMS eCommerce Portal is mostly here -- you are viewing it now.  This includes the KM Partner Program which provides a full-page listing for Certified Cognitive Knowledge Modelers.   The time for IQxCloud is now.  By 2025, 22% of the US Workforce will be working remotely.  20% of new employees never show-up for work on their first day, signaling the need for more advanced and meaningful On-boarding.  And, the L&D development industry is exploding to a $402B global market by 2026.  It's time to jump on board.  Let's do this together.   


Thanks, Dennis L. Thomas, CEO