What you know is important.  IQxTemplates provide another means for you to share the knowledge and lessons-learned insights you have gained over your career.   Actualize effective knowledge transfers with IQxTemplates

Templates add value to books

People learn faster and comprehend more when knowledge content is delivered along rational reasoning paths and broken-down into discrete chunks that can be easily understood and applied.  It doesn't hurt to include descriptions, instructions, examples, and relevant documents, graphics, audio, and concise video clips to help to make your point.  Share your real-world how-to, why, and what-if knowledge, experiences, and insights.  Leverage what you know.  

IQX Template Suggestions:

More coming soon

IQxCloud version 3.0 is here.  The new IQStrategix KMS eCommerce Portal is mostly here -- you are viewing it now.  This includes the IQxTemplate Program listing services which allows template developers to earn income from their knowledge expertise.  The 21st Century Knowledge Economy is exploding and needs professionals to help lead the way.  Now, more than ever, KM has become the most powerful business solution for an ever evolving knowledge-oriented business culture.   With the IQxCloud platform, it is all about "Your ideas implemented."


Thanks, Dennis L. Thomas, CEO