Come join IQStrategix:


As we grow, we will be looking for knowledgeable, skilled, high integrity individuals to help us move from our current launch state to the global powerhouse we envision.   Take a look.  We are looking for leaders.  Team builders.  People with initiative, who know how to get things done while working effectively with others.  You succeed by helping us succeed. 


Director of Certified Knowledge Specialists & Engineering - Demonstrate entrepreneurial drive.  Turn opportunity into a thriving, well-structured, well-organized, well-managed department that serves a worldwide clientele.  Provide the educational services IQStrategix clients need to stand-on-their-own.  Enable KM, T&D, L&D, Lean, ISO professionals to excel in all things IQxCloud.


Director of Support - People need support when learning new technologies.  They require and deserve the help they need to not only get started right, but to advance what they know to next levels.   Turn this opportunity into a thriving, well-structured, well-organized, well-managed department.  Standout as a leader in user support.  Be a communicator.


Director of Technical Support - We live in a connected world.  Our clients own paid-for software applications and services that are vital to their organization.  Turn this opportunity into a thriving, well-structured, well-organized, well-managed service unit within the support department.. Be a team player with the EQ skills to bridge the gap between the technical and administrative. 


Director of Marketing - The knowledge economy is about people, knowledge, psychology, trends, and technology. It's about every kind of business culture and the competitive landscape that drives their formation and sustainable advantage.  Do you have your finger on the pulse of this moving target?  Do you know how to approach the market and appeal to its highest instinct for growth and success?  We will be looking for you. 


Sales - What is it our potential customers need to know if they don't know what it is they need to know?  What interpersonal communication skills do you have to query, educate, inform, and consult with prospective customers to help them make the right choice for their specific requirements.  Business and Enterprise is about team selling.  Be a part of the team.