IQStrategix, Inc. is a knowledge computing software engineering company.   The company’s service product is called IQxCloud.  IQxCloud is designed to model and deliver KM (Knowledge Management), L&D (Learning and Development), and ISO (International Organization for Standardization)  content on-demand, across the globe.

IQxCloud is unique.  The platform allows non-programming professionals such as knowledge engineers, business analysts, project managers, subject matter experts, operations people, instructional designers and others, to faithfully represent the unique structural, procedural, functional, and analytic intelligence that underlies every organization.  As these KM/L&D/ISO knowledge products are completed, their highly contextualized content is presented in graphically defined formats that specifically relates to the content being displayed.

Real-time application. IQxCloud is intended to be an integral part of business operations.  Its intuitive, user-friendly interface is designed to enable newbies thru experts to find exactly the knowledge they need to do their jobs within seconds.  This means while answering questions or solving problems “in the heat of battle,” or during self-paced learning sessions.  Content is structured to enable users to pass over content they have already learned, or to drill-down to the micro-learning level to gain the insights and understanding they need to effectively perform their jobs.

The enterprise gains work/performance impacts that result in improved operational efficiency, performance, and profitability at a cost that is less then conventional data system technologies.