What follows is something of an "inside baseball" recounting of how IQStrategix' new KMS Portal was made. If you're here as an HR, CLO, CEO, COO, KM'er, or a curious business executive, this site is about knowledge science, concept-driven eLearning Systems, and topics that are related to advancing the state of how-to, why, and what-if knowledge systems.  If so, IQStrategix' new KMS Portal is a must explore destination for you.


Our goal was simple.  Identify a web platform that would support the ambitious goal of offering something different to the knowledge community we serve.  Our vision was to provide  knowledge practitioners a unique platform to showcase their more powerful how, why, and what-if practices


These two technologies offer the conventional web experience but allow us to grow as our omnichannel needs arise. Drupal with its API-first initiatives allow us to write content once and use it wherever we'd like. Mailchimp's pricing tiers give us a good baseline experience for deliverability while leaving the door open to complex mailing workflows in the future. And they work great together when you install the available Drupal modules!


For the last five years, as you may be accustomed, our site has been like this:

Former glory

Now we have a modern, high-performance site on the Drupal 9 platform with Atomic components and lots of room to grow.


We hope you like it.