People forget things. Employees leave. New people are hired


The third-wave IQxCloud EdTech Management Platform is designed to enable Knowledge Management, L&D, subject matter expert, and operations personnel to rapidly harvest and share the end-to-end how-to, why, and what-if knowledge that enables organizations to operate and grow.  Captured knowledge is delivered during workflow to employees, partners, suppliers, members, and students to achieve performance-based goals and objectives.  Experience secure Centralized or Federated knowledge stores that work the way people naturally think.  Gain strategic advantage, efficiency, performance, effectiveness, and profitability.   

We need to learn how to use technology to mine not data, but the rational structure that pulls the data together.

Richard L. Ballard, Ph.D.

Harvesting and delivering knowledge

Our industry-leading cognitive knowledge modeling approach yields real results for most all  organizations.  Support employees, partners, suppliers, members, and customers.

Real-time workflow and self-paced learning, on demand

Business Value Proposition

Exceptional REMOTE/HYBRID eLearning

Bridges the Gap Between Strategy, Implementation, and Application

Cost less: No-code/Low-code for Non-programmers

Decreases Learning-time to Proficiency

Increases Efficiency, Performance. Effectiveness & Profitability



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The KM Partner Program

Knowledge Managers think in terms of knowledge systems.  Where does it exist, how does it flow through an organization, how well does it support operational goals and objectives?  KM is both art and science.  The art is understanding the depth and breadth of knowledge systems, and the science is knowing how to apply knowledge  principles to impact employee, partner, and supplier performance and profitability.  This may include training and development, but it also includes the implementation of a proven knowledge infrastructure.  Without a technical knowledge infrastructure, we all know that previous work is destine to degenerate and fail.